Thursday, November 20, 2008



Information system process the data and information in an organization. Information system are important to us for a variety of reasons...

1) Information system and information technology are integral to our life
Such as :
  • Research our assignment
  • Pay bill - where we can easy pay our bill through online such as maybank2u
  • Conduct banking also make our life easier. Nowadays we have online banking like maybank2u
Online Banking-
2) Information system field offers many career opportunities. Be in this carriers is well-paid job as we are major in this field. For example System Analyst, Designer Information Technology and Database Administrator are use by all department.

3) All functional area in an organization utilize information system such as Universiti Malaya organizations, Tesco and many more. We can see the example through Universiti Malaya.

- All organizations use IT for marketing and finance. Managers should learn IT within his specialized field. Nowadays managers use Information System to forecast revenues and business activities to perform audit.

- We can see clearly where Information System is use widely in Human Resources Organizations. Where managers in in HR use Information System to manage the recruiting process, analyze and screen job applications and hire new employee. I have an experienced in HR at Tesco where the big and most stores and the job is very tough and we always use Information system in this organization.

- HR manager help employees manage their carriers. The best example is Tesco Stores. We can view their achievement at

4) It will reduce the number of middle managers- Managers more productive and increase the
number of employees who can report to a single managr ultimately decrease the number of
manager and experts

5) It will change manager job- Manager is given time to get out of the office and get into the field.
They can spend time planning activities instead of "putting out fires"

In short, by having Information system, we can gather information for decision making much more quickly by using search engine and intranets...